The History

The Hunter building was built in 1931 by Sam and Joe Hunter. This Art Deco building was originally home of the Hunter Oil and Investment Company. A neighbor, Huey P. Long, built another Art Deco building in that same year, The Louisiana State capitol in Baton Rouge. The building's first floor housed Central Motors, The Chrysler, Dodge, Desoto dealership. For years the building sat empty, but now is transformed into the Silver Lake Ballroom.

The name Silver Lake also has some history. In the late 1830's before the great raft on the Red River was removed, the vast Silver Lake covered much of what is present day Market Street and Youree Drive. The Hunter Building sits in what was once part of Silver Lake. The Silver Lake Ballroom is ideal for meetings and parties. With its historical elegance and original decor it will fit many occasions.

© 2014 Silver Lake Ballroom Designed by Synapse Development Group
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